H I G N E L L Gallery is delighted to present the spectacular new work by sculptor Laura Ellen Bacon ‘Rêverie’ at the magnificent Château-Gaillard in Les Andelys, Normandy, France.
Considered a cutting-edge example of military architecture in its day, the Château-Gaillard was constructed by Richard the Lionheart in record time on the high chalk cliffs dominating a great meander in the River Seine. Today it is a ruin, but two villages below, Le Grand Andely and Le Petit Andely, merged over time to form one riverside village, Les Andelys, in the heart of an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Bacon says ‘The title, Rêverie, is based on the dream-like state I find myself in when I am working with my hands. The creation of my work is so physical, requires hand and eye coordination and a lot of repetition, which is a very satisfying and contemplative process; making my work feels like an embrace to me which I would like to share with the visitor. The 'woven space' inside my forms has been a recurrent theme in my work for many years.
Whilst entirely abstract, the form of the work and the use of natural materials is an almost wing-like embrace and may lull the visitor into a secure daydream. I also feel however that I relate the work to an embrace from the natural world which is an 'embrace' that is extremely delicate. I view the shape of the form as showing signs that it may shift and 'take flight’ at any moment,  taking the protective interior with it and displacing us. Visitors are invited to reflect upon our collective daydreams in a world of changing climate.’

The sculpture was on view to visitors throughout its construction and Laura led talks and workshops with school and community groups throughout. The Chateau is on the main tourist route for visiting river cruises bringing daily visitors from all over the world.The sculpture was commissioned for temporary exhibit for the Department of Culture and Heritage, as part of the cultural festival across Normandie entitled ‘Invasions Vegétales’ and is on view until the Château closes to the public at the end of October 2023.