The 2020 Collages: Sophie Ryder

November 8, 2020
There is always something special about sculptors works on paper. Collage has been part of Sophie Ryder’s oeuvre throughout her life as an artist but one that she has not visited for the past fifteen years. Over lockdown earlier this year Ryder returned to the medium to create this series of beautifully three dimensional and vibrant collages. 
Ryder explains: 'Collage has always been a love of mine. When I was a child I would collect material and paper and spend my time tearing, cutting and sticking. I have continued the process and although it has developed over the years, I still find it very therapeutic . It is more or less two dimensional when stuck on board but it feels more three dimensional as a process than drawing or painting.
I love the way that one can lay blocks of colour that can be changed in a flash by laying another piece on top so the colours remain clean and separate, Unlike painting where the colours mix and blend. I like the spontaneity and boldness of the decisions one can make.’
Please note: The collages have been photographed unframed. All collages are supplied framed. this adds approx 15cm to the overall dimesions.