Helaine Blumenfeld

Helaine Blumenfeld is one of the most accomplished and respected figures working in sculpture today. Blumenfeld has developed a practice inspired by Cycladic sculpture and Futurism, creating a sculptural vocabulary that is entirely her own. Excelling in a male dominated field, Blumenfeld exhibited alongside Henry Moore at the Alex Rosenberg Gallery in New York in 1985, and became the first female sculptor to win the international sculpture prize 'Premio Pietrasantaela Versilianel Mondo' in 2007. 


Best known for her monumental public commissions, Blumenfeld is passionate about bringing sculpture into the public domain, creating works that have become intergral to the cultural landscape in the UK. Most notably, 'Tempesta' overlooking Hyde Park in London, installed in 2012, as well as the recently unveiled bronze 'Meridiana' in Holland Park. Blumenfeld's pieces represent some of the definitive examples of public sculpture in the UK. 


Helaine Blumenfeld's facility at positioning her sculpture in the magical zone between abstraction and figuration has been the key to her success. Her luminous works play with duality, introducing a remarkable lightness to carved stone. Testing the limits of her material, Blumenfeld creates impossibly thin, undulating structures through a profound understanding of the boundaries of her materials. Recent pieces have seen her expand her practice to experiment with Silver Nitrate patinas- a nod to her father- in- law, the acclaimed photographer Erwin Blumenfeld.